Freitag, 6. August 2010

blogging again

I have started several blogs before, but due to my workschedule I never really had time to stay on top of it. I am gonna stick with it this time round though.

I am gonna write about fashion in general and my own style as well. I like to keep an eye on whats happening in the world of fashion since I work in the Fashion industry myself and always had a passion for it. My own style is hard to describe. I wouldn't say I have a signature style. I like to always go with trends, but I don't do everything. I love dressing smart and feminin, though i leave that to the times when I am working. A look at my wardrobe shows..I have absolutly everything....but a closer look reveals a slight dominating colour...Black. When I dress down it usually involves jeans..lots of black, wide tees , black tights , boots..brogues...etc...If I had to pick out my favourite style..its kinda punk..goth..rock..grunge...glam...haha...i have no idea how to  describe it...basically..i like it dark and grungy.( I am in no way a goth!!!!)
I am someone who likes to reinvent so you will see that I change my style quite often. It is something I need to do every now and then.

I love shoes...all shoes..though you wont see me wearing high heels very often. I am tall as it is..high heels make me look weird, so unless I am on a night out, you will always see me wearing flats.  Unfortunatly I still loves heels, esp. wedges..i adore wedges, and i will buy them all....although i will hardly ever wear them. Its a pure addiction. At least I know i have them in case I ever decide to wear them :)

 I am such a woman!

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