Sonntag, 29. August 2010

drew in NYLON

This August we  were able to see Drew Barrymore in a Denim inspired issue of NYLON magazine. And...she presented yet another new hairstyle and I LOVE IT!
Ok , it is an onvious trend at the moment..dark roots and light ends, but its just so pretty and it looks incredibly good on her. I have always been a fan of Drew, also because some people say i look a little bit like her ( its the big eyes and the tiny mouth me thinks..), and I absolutly wish I had hair like this right now, but hey, two more years and I will actually have the length...damn ! I could go for the easy option and just stick some extensions in there , but personally i think that its never the same. Its a totally different feeling when you know its your real hair. And having long beautiful hair ( your own) you just HAVE to feel beautiful! Myself...I am far away from that. i just managed to get it to my shoulders  and I said goodbye to bleach-blonde and have a natural dark blonde tone which i love. Now its just up to my hair to GROW and up to me to keep far away from any scissors.
I have to add, I  always find drew style great. She is very laid back when it comes to oufits. Shes got that IdontcarebutIfeelcomfortable-Look, but when it comes to events she will always sparkle in gowns that make us envy her even more.
Nevermind, tomorrow i am gonna wear my hair open, put on some skinnies, a printed Tee, a check Shirt and a leather jacket and wear my new military boots, Drew-Style!!!!
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