Samstag, 7. August 2010

Olivia vs Whitney

First of all, both, Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port are two amazing young beautiful and talented women. According to the press and not denied by any of the two, they do not really get along with each other though. It is a shame really, together they could rule the world.....:p
So what side are we on? Team Olivia or Team Whitney? I decided to break it down in categories..start with

the hair??? you might think, but since Olivias hair is pure perfection I cannot leave it unmentioned. Hence the hair has to come at the top of the list where Olivia  ( sorry Whitney) is the clear WINNER. perfection...uhh I hate her so much for that,

Olivias style is praised in pubilc all the time. For a reason. Yes, she looks beautiful in every damn picture you see of her. It is almost scary. Is she even real or can you actually buy her wrapped in plastic at Toys'r'us with dozens of outfits to choose from?! (There is an idea Toys'r'us!)
Whitneys style is more simple. You can see her wearing anything really, from harem joglegs to LBD, she's got it all and she is working it. She is more relatable fashionwise and we do share the love for oversized blazers. Whitney, i love ur style: WINNER

after the hills and the city, both girls are on the ultimate way up. Olivia, as an aspiring Jewellery designer and Whitney with her own clothing line, Whitney Eve. Watch this one! DRAW

When i see Olivia in pictures she looks so innocent and cute that i just want to take her and have a girly day with her. As soon as i see her talk and act, I am not so sure anymore. There seems to be a hidden arrogance about her....?! Whitney is happy, smiley etc all the time it seems. She seems to be a young successful girl, who doesnt need to change or try hard to be someone else. She is so likeable and REAL, she might turn out to be your neighbour. Whitney, why dont you live next door? We could be best friends!! (and borrow your blazer collection..muuhaha)

I am just not sure, I want to be Olivia: have her clothes ( and man yummy), her hair, her figure...*dream*  , but Whitney, she has so much natural beauty and charme ( and legs), she amazes me and I do wonder how these two dirls will get on in the future. Hard to imagine that they are my age (jealous)!!!!
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