Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

skinny fashion world

A lot of times fashion and eating disorders go hand in hand and i guess it will never change. There is no need to talk about the influence of catwalk and editorial models on society..we all know it..we have heard it all before. What is there left to say?! I dont think that all designers will use "normal" size models one day and although some magazines are currently picturing models who do not show all their bones, I doubt that this is going to be a major trend.
If you dont feel comfortable in your body anyway ( in which case you belong to a majority i guess) the world of fashion will not help you at all.
In my case...i have always felt very uncomfortable in my body, and though I have never been fat, i still havnt been skinny enough for my liking. I can honestly say..(although I know it seems stupid for most people) I wanna look like this:

Julia Stegner

I am not blaming it one anyone or anything. Thats just me. Sometimes I feel I wont look fashionable unless I am really skinny. That is also why I never post an awful lot of pictures of myself on here..I just dont think they look good. I love fashion more than anything and I do not have an eating disorder, but I wanted to lose weight since I can remember and one day I am gonna do it. Fashion is my life and if being fashionable means being skinny then so be it. Browsing through lookbook everyday it almost seems like everyone fashionable is skinny these days....It makes me jealous...and I dont wanna be jealous my whole life.

alexa chung

alexa chung at Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week Ready Wear

alexa chung at Vivienne Westwood Red Label Front Row Spring
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