Samstag, 16. April 2011

H&M, l'oreal and some blonde...

I bought this beautiful peachy kimono blazer at H&M this week. Its pretty and comfy and  to be was at first a little bit oo much money for me (50 euro) but now I've got it I know that it was totally worth it. I do have a lot of proper business blazers  so this one briongs a bit of a change, something more casual with a little bit of colour! They do have it in different colours as well! hmmm.. :)

 beautiful H&M rings 4.95 each and sunglassen :)) The rings are huge, pure statement rings!

In a magazine i did read about l'oreal studio secrets univeral Make up with auto-adjustable pigments.
Basically it is a bit of a primer (grey at first) which gets colours as soon as u apply it to ur skin and adapts to your skin they say.
Anyway, its availbale  for fair skin tones and darker skin tones.
Now, I am very very pale so I any make up I buy is always too dark ( looking forward to being in england again so I can get some dainty doll make up by nicola roberts , made for fair skin tones only!!)

But this loreal product totally disappointed me. As soon as i put it on my face the light grey make up turned dark...waaaaayyyy too dark is that made for fair skintones? And where the f*** does it adjust to your skin colour??? Maybe I am just too pale for products like that and maybe someone else had better luck than that.

And as announced I will go blonder again very soon with schwarzkopf brillance for cool blondes.
I used them before and am very happy with them. There is nothing I hate more than yellow looking blonde hair!

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