Sonntag, 14. August 2011

do I have to define myself by one style only?

I have been asking myself that same question since i was like....14 I guess. Do I need to have a certain style? A signature style? Am I a rock chick? Am I a smart dresser? Am I an alternative dresser...a vintage girl.....what am I?
 Today I am  the casual girl and tomorrow I will brush up in my business outfit. On my day off I might switch to one of my tea dresses and walk through town in  a vintage inspired look. Sometimes I envy people who have founf THEIR unique style. Whatever they are wearing , they make it their own with their very own individual take on it. I am not that kind of girl.
Everyday I can be a completely different person ( maybe thats also due to my obsession about change. Since I was a child I felt the need of change constantly. First it began my rearranging my bedroom every week, movin furniture around and sleeping on the sofa every now and then. Later I expressed it my changing my hair colour every few month ( by now I have had the following colours: blonde, browm, black, red, ginger, blonde, pink, blue, orange, green....), All i can say poor hair!

These days its most expressed by my clothes ( although my hair still has to suffer every now and then)
But is it a bad thing?
Yea, Id like to have found MY style, but I dont think its ever going to happen. I just like too many different styles of dressing and I like to find something new inside me that some clothes bring out in me.
I can be a little bit of a fashion victim, falling for the usual trends but then again I am sometimes too shy to stand out and hide in my comfort zone.
 Have you found your style or do you feel like myself?
What is better?
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