Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

a story of pain

I am not blogging much at the moment because I am in complete agony. I have had  some unbearable pain in my jaw for the last few months. Due to that pain I am constantly on painkillers because I couldnt survive the  day without them. I have been at the dentist about 20 times since then and nothing unusual was found. I had my ears  and nose checked  as well...nothing. Tomorrow I will have  a bloodtest done and later in the afternoon I am gonna have a CT done....scary stuff.. I also have to see a neurologist...even more scary. I have done some research and it doesnt look good. No matter know bad it is..I just want to find out WHAT is causing the pain. I cannot work properly, I cant sleep...I cant eat properly. I could cry all day and I am not sure how to sope with it anymore. Its a pain I never experienced before. My whole right jaw it in agony and pulsating. I hope that this is ending soon cause due to all the painkillers I have been taking over the past 3 months I always feel dizzy and am shaking. My head doesnt seem clear anymore and I cannot concentrate at work.....

my favourite flowers

cameo and teacan necklace

necklaces....lots of necklaces

mousi :) shes so cute
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