Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011

Topshop, Primark etc

Leigh SuperSoft Skinny - Topshop
boots and leopard snood - Primark
Colour Block jumper and Coat - H&M

Oh my, how ginger does my hair look????
( fixing required as soon as possible)

My new absolute favourite jeans are the Topshop Leigh Supersoft Skinny jeans. Because they are so stretchy they fit perfectly top to botton. I really like them quite tight at my ankle, because I do own a lot of ankle boots which you can only wear with superskinny jeans. One of my favourite looks I guess. hile being in scotland I bought two pairs of those jeans, one black and on burgundy. I am actually considering buying some more online...why not. Currently i am eying up the folloing pairs:

Anyway, yesterday the 5th Primark store in germany opened its doors in hannover with great success. Not long now until Saarbruecken, Berlin, Essen etc are primark-struck, too.

The new store has set a complete new standard for the interior design as you will see in the following pictures:

Its an unstoppable takeover :)
Although the range is a bit poor at the moment, the winter stock coming soon will be worth hitting stores again.

Myself, i am gonna take myself to IKEA today. Since i have to spend more months in dull Frankfurt I might as well make my flat a little more homely.

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